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Ringo Starr And The Beatles Beat

“This fabulous book illustrates in detail Ringo’s approach to dynamics and serving the songs so brilliantly imagined by Lennon and McCartney.” Rhythm magazine. Amongst the mountain of books about the Beatles, none focus on the work of the man who put the beat into the Beatles – until now. With the release of Ringo Starr And The Beatles Beat, Liverpool drummers Alex Cain and Terry McCusker explore Ringo Starr’s iconic drumming with the Beatles, providing intuitive descriptions and detailed notation of the drumming and percussion in every original Beatles release. Discover how Ringo’s sympathetic and instinctive drumming interacted with the personalities of his bandmates and recording engineers to shape the Beatles incredible musical output. Foreword by Don Powell of Slade Hard-cover book, featuring 415 pages, 200 images of drum notation and data, plus more than 150 further images of Ringo, his drums, and the principal characters that helped shape the Beatles Beat.

Ringo's White Album

“Beatles disciples Alex Cain and Terry McCusker follow up their Ringo Starr and the Beatles Beat with the comprehensive, well-researched volume Ringo’s White Album.” Modern Drummer. from the authors of Ringo Starr And The Beatles Beat, an in depth exploration of Ringo’s contribution to the Beatles self-titled 1968 masterpiece. Available in 2 configurations – Standard & Deluxe. Standard version, featuring – – Detailed exploration of the Beatles unique and unrivalled use of percussion on the White Album. – The reasons behind Ringo’s exit from the group. – The merits of Paul McCartney’s drumming contributions to Back In The U.S.S.R. & Dear Prudence. – The Hey Jude/Revolution single and promo shoot (with rare, unpublished photos and eye-witness account). Full colour paperback – 131 pages Deluxe version as above, expanded to include full drum scores of every White Album song featuring drums and percussion, plus the Hey Jude/Revolution single. Full colour paperback – 273 pages – 8.5″ x 11”

Ringo's Abbey Road

Available Now! From the authors of Ringo Starr And The Beatles Beat and Ringo’s White Album, Ringo’s Abbey Road explores Ringo’s contribution to the Beatles’ 1969 masterpiece. At ease with his new Ludwig Hollywood drums, discover how Ringo utilised this expanded drum kit to leave his mark on Abbey Road, from the ‘swampy’ tom fills and rhythms of Come Together, to the time-shifting meter of Here Comes The Sun, Abbey Road displays just why Ringo Starr was the perfect drummer for the Beatles. Arguably reaching his creative peak, Ringo’s drumming is creative and expressive, characteristically ‘loose’ yet precise, playing with tenderness and angst (Something), playfulness (Maxwell’s Silver Hammer), abandon (I Want You (She’s So Heavy)), and power (The End). Ringo’s Abbey Road contains the complete drum and percussion scores from Abbey Road, plus the Ballad Of John And Yoko/Old Brown Shoe single, released prior to the LP. Full colour paperback – 183 pages – 8.5″ x 11”